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**Straight from Batgirl's desk, is all the juicy info on Vincent Ventresca**

Full Name: Vincent Ventresca
Birthday: April 29,1965
Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Spouse: Dianne (1995 - present)
Son: Benjamin
Where the hell have we seen him?

Movie/Show Character Date
The Invisible Man Darien Fawkes 2000 +
Madison Walker Grief  2000
This Space Between Us Sterling Montross 2000
Love and Sex Richard 1999
The Learning Curve Marshal 1999
Can't Stop Dancing Chuck Levine 1998
Maggie Winters Bobby 1998
Prey Dr. Ed Tate 1998
Macarena Tony 1998
Romy and Michele's HS Reunion Billy 1997
Boston Common Prof. Jack Reed 1997
Degree of Guilt (miniseries) Richie Peralta 1996
The Surrogate Eric 1995
Medicine Ball Tom 1995
Menendez: A Killing In Beverly Hills Nick 1994

TV Appearances

TV Show Character Episode Year
Jack and Jill Danna Hallahan "The Awful Truth" 1999
Jack and Jill Danny Hallahan "These Are The Days" 1999
Friends Fun Bobby "The One With Russ" 1994
Friends Fun Bobby "The One With The Monkey" 1994
Diagnosis Murder JOhnny Moslofski "My Baby Is Out Of This World" 1993
Almost Home Dave "To Date Or Not To Date" 1993
information courtesy of the Internet Movie Database

Wanna express your undying love to Vincent? Pfft yeah, like any of us would actually admit it to him. Write him!

Vincent Ventresca
c/o Invisible Man
1230 Ave of the Americas

New York, NY 10029

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